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A Betoota Heights father of four parked his arse on the Natuzzi this morning to watch the news, where after a few minutes he loudly declared that the “fucking yanks” just don’t give a fuck about this coronavirus anymore.

“Two hundred thousand new cases!” yelled Arthur Bradley up the hall towards his hamily.

“These stupid bastards just don’t give a fuck anymore. Hey Luce! Almost three thousand deaths today in America. How fucked is that?”

Luce agreed that it was fucked then went back to unpacking the dishwasher she packed the night before.

“Absolutely terrible. Tell you what, this government might be run by a sucked mango seed looking prick and some fucken out of his depth Victorian but fuck me, they seem to have done a good job keeping us from going all fucked like America. That fucking Trump is a madman,” Michael said to nobody in particular.

By this point, nobody was listening to him.

“Fuck me,” he whispered.

Michael then shook his head and went back outside to resume vacuuming the pool.

More to come.


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