A local woman has found out the hard way today that her boyfriend may be lacking the sensitivity chip, it’s reported.

Tara Gibson [24] had spent the night smashing savvy B with her friends when she’d returned home at roughly 4 am feeling a little worse for wear. As she’d climbed into bed with her boyfriend Adrian and made enough pitiful whimpers for him to cuddle her, Tara was grateful to have bypassed the vomiting stage – which almost always occurred when she hit the wine too hard.

Unfortunately, Tara’s bliss was to be short-lived, as she was awoken hours later by the garbled sounds of her boyfriend rapidly flicking through Tik Toks at maximum volume.

“Now, reality can be whatever I wa-.”

“I’m getting ripped tonight, RIP that p-.”

“What you know about rollin’ down in the de -.”

“Now look at this.”


It’s alleged a whacking of the pillow had prompted Adrian to slightly lower the volume, allowing Tara to focus on the blood pumping in her head instead.

More to come.


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