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The Facebook Oracle, as it is colloquially known is reportedly the number one concern for the executives at Google – according to the world’s biggest search engine’s recent annual report.

It is believed that Facebook is soon to become the number one platform for asking simple questions on the internet.

One local woman says she would much prefer to rely on her cluey facebook friends to provide any knowledge that she could find much easier by simply googling it.

Bridget (pronounced Bridge-ETT!) says that, although Google would save a lot of fucking around, she is a big believer in the spirit of community.

“Facebook is a great way to share our knowledge” she told us via her gmail account. Although those on her list of online friends don’t seem to be on the same page.

“I think Bridget just needs the attention” said one anonymous follower. “Who the fuck gets on Facebook to ask what baby stingrays are called? Who even knows that answer? Actually I do. FUCKING GOOGLE DOES!”

When asked if sometimes she thought it would be best to just jump on one of many search engines, she replied “oh i hate the internet. I have much better things to do with my time”.


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