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Thinking of adopting the Bogancore look but are unsure where to start? The Advocate takes a deep dive into the uniquely Australian aesthetic that’s blown up on Pinterest, including the most coveted bogan decor you should have in your home!

The La Z Boy Recliner

Perfect for kicking back and watching a game of footy or music concerts on DVD, the La Z Boy recliner is the crown jewel of the Bogancore lounge collection. To really commit to the theme, these recliners should be brown leather and come with two deep cup holders to fit a Tooheys or VB. Bonus points if there’s some unnecessary tech (i.e USB ports).

The Leather Lounge

To compliment dad’s La Z Boy recliner, you can’t go past an overpriced leather lounge suite. Weirdly enough, this furniture is considered quite the staple in Northern Queensland, despite leather being the worst possible choice for the tropical climate. Should be combined with some ball hugging shorts, so you’re forced to physically peel your sweaty thighs off the furniture during summer.

An Expensive Home Cinema Setup

Bogans don’t fuck around when it comes to home entertainment, so expect to fork out a few thousand for a good quality Plasma TV and surround sound system. Must be combined with an extensive DVD collection, despite subscribing to multiple streaming platforms.

The Vintage Car In The Garage

Covered in a piece of cloth, the vintage car will collect dust in the garage in the hopes it might be worth something someday. Usually some kind of 70 – 80s Ford or Holden model.

The Slightly Pixelated Wedding Canvas

Usually hung above the lounge or near the entry point of the house, a wedding photo blown up on a Kmart canvas is the creme de la creme of Bogancore. If possible, it should also be paired with a barefoot family photoshoot on the beach. 

A Staffy

The humble Staffy makes the perfect Bogan family pet. However, if you’re not a fan of Staffies, you can still complete the look by adopting a Rottie, Husky or Bull Arab, which you must give a tough, masculine name, like Glock or Tank. Preferably one with massive balls.

Multiple Cars On The Front Lawn

To ensure you capture the bogan aesthetic with your curb appeal, it’s recommended you have at least three cars parked on the front lawn of your house at all times – and if possible, the winning combination of a sedan, four wheel drive and a ute. If you really want to push the envelope, consider a couple of motorbikes.

The Framed NRL Jersey

An absolute must have, the framed NRL jersey is best placed in the garage (next to the vintage car) or a man cave.

The Sesh Table

Just like all mean girls are nurses but not all nurses are mean girls, you can own a sesh table without being a bogan, but all bogans own a sesh table.

Random Shit Like This

There should be some beach decorations somewhere. Maybe some random starfish decor in a bowl in the bathroom.


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