One of the lead guitarists from Brisbane’s Premier Rugby League Rock /Grunge bands has been spotted this morning in the notorious Cannon Hill Kmart plaza, “wearing no shoes with a ten pack of milton mangoes under his arm”

Witnesses say that James Tidswell (29) appeared to have ‘gone full Queensland’ and was seen shouted out the lyrics to the Brisbane Broncos themed song ‘Hey, Hey We’re The Broncos”.

An employee from the food court’s Donut King says ‘Tidders was being so classic’ and claims to have joined him in a ‘EIGHT IN A ROW’ chant.

According to anthropologists from UQ, an eight in a row chant is a cultural phenomenon often seen north of the tweed, where groups of Queenslanders pay their respects to the forefathers of Queensland rugby league and the eight State Of Origin series streak between 2006 and 2014 – by chanting “eight in a row” incessantly.

At least 300 shoppers were believed to be involved in the chant before security was called.

The band’s manager, Wally Castlemaine-Perkins says that he can’t be expected to keep tabs on all the boys after a Broncos win, and that being barefoot in Kmart plaza is really not that big of a deal.

“At least he was wearing decent kit. How many shoppers do you see getting around the plaza in Bailey Nelsons”

“What happened is, in one night, both the Brisbane Broncos and the Brisbane Lions managed to defeat the reigning premiers from each code. The Broncs beat Cronulla 26-18, if you weren’t watching”

“Of course, something like that gets the euphoria pumping. The boys tend to cut loose after a win like that”

“In my honest opinion, it wasn’t as bad as the eighth series (2004), when we found Luke (drummer) singing an acappella rendition of Powderfinger’s ‘Sunsets’ outside Steve Renouf’s family home in Kelvin Grove”

Police who arrived on the scene say that they offered a Tidswell a lift back to the Mansfield Tavern where they joined him for a few schooeys.



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