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A local Betoota man is cursing his luck for having to go back to work this week, and only getting to spend one full day at the cricket instead of two, like he had originally planned.

Phil Barron, 37, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says he can’t believe his holiday is already over, and all he has to look forward to now is a full day and subsequent weekend at the SCG instead of doing any work whatsoever.

“Honestly, it’s just incredibly tough being me right now”, said Mr. Barron. “I had planned everything out to perfection. I’d spend all of Thursday at the cricket, and then – and here’s the clever part – I’d spend all of Friday at the cricket”.

“Now, I can only spend Friday at the cricket. And they are still emailing me. Blok

Mr. Barron, who works as an account manager for a local Harvey Norman, says that due to the incredible demands of his job, he looks forward to his time off – and why this week’s events have left him furious.

“I definitely think it’s one of the tougher jobs out there. I mean, you have to look at EVERYONE’s bags AND check the receipts. And when you’re not doing that, all you get to really do is stand in front of a TV and watch the cricket”.

“Frankly, it’s unacceptable. I could have spent yesterday watching the cricket. Instead, I had to go to work and watch the cricket”

Mr. Barron is hopeful that the worrying trend of ‘having to work instead of not having to work’ doesn’t continue into 2018.
“I have some really big plans for this year. I mean, it’s the World Cup in July! If I don’t get AT LEAST that month off, there’ll be hell to pay”


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