20 September, 2016 10:35


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have used a United Nations summit to encourage world leaders to look to Australia’s strict border control policies as a way to get elected.

The pair defended Australia’s controversial immigration policy at an unprecedented United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, aimed at finding a better international solution to deal with “war-weary reffo’s”.

“The first thing you would want to do is follow Australia’s lead,” he said, during a 82 minute slide show that outlined the benefits of Nauru detention centre.

“Appoint a psychopathic ex-suburban policeman to deal with your nation’s extremely complex immigration portfolio and let him loose in front of cameras”

“Sooner or later you’ll have everyone in your country thinking brown people have only got two things in mind, taking your job and implementing sharia law,”

Mr Turnbull outlined his view of the problem to the group, saying that “people don’t vote for anyone seen to be showing compassion to these people” and implored other nations to make sure their borders are surrounded by rough oceans.

“It’s worked marvellously for us. We haven’t had to resettle one Syrian since this whole thing went down,”

“It really pays to be girt by sea”


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