Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was right.

Victorians are too scared to walk outside their homes, even if it is just down the block to the local corner store to get a bottle of milk, or to a Greek restaurant.

Speaking to 2GB radio on Wednesday, without giving any real examples at all, Dutton said people in Melbourne are “scared to go out at restaurants” at night because of the Melbourne Africans.

“People don’t see this in NSW, in Queensland, but the reality is people are scared to go out at restaurants of a night time because they’re followed home by these gangs, home invasions, and cars are stolen,”

Despite much larger populations of African migrants found in pockets throughout the Nation’s north, including Blacktown, Bathurst, Tamworth, Toowoomba and Moorooka, it seems Melbourne is the home of African youth crime – mainly due to the fact that they are due to have a state election later this year and possibly a federal one as well.

It is for this reason that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also joined in on the melee, blaming Premier Daniel Andrews for “growing gang violence and lawlessness” in Melbourne and Victoria, saying that the state Government is losing their battle against groups of more than three black kids hanging out in public places at the one time.

However, with all the rhetoric, vitriol and cheap race-mongering political points aside, it seems Peter Dutton is correct about one thing. No one is going outside.

“Uber has surged to 100x” said one stressed millennial that wanted to travel two blocks from his sharehouse bedroom to a Ramen restaurant, only because the place was too trendy to be on UberEats.

“It’s not so much the crime that’s doing it” says Pluto Brunswick (19, Freelance internet stuff) while trying to explain why people don’t walk outside to dinner anymore.

“It’s the fact that with the shareable economy and a decadent sense of entitlement, I literally don’t have to walk anymore. People either bring me food, or drop me food”

“I don’t even have to go to the movies anymore. I can stream everything right here to my Smart TV”

“Only African and Islander teenagers that don’t have iPads and flat screens at home bother going outside to make their own fun and actually interact with other humans”



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