Iconic rock music station Triple M is panning to play only Pearl Jam and Cold Chisel this workweek to see if anyone notices.

Known for having effectively the same workday playlist since the mid-1990s, Triple M has in the past dabbled with mixing it up by playing a bit glam-rock from bands like Guns N Roses and Kiss, however content directors believe non-Chisel-or-Pearl-Jam music might be a bit of a rating gamble.

“That’s pretty much all we play anyway, give or take a bit of Bon Jovi,” says music selection director, Triple M’s Hugh “Blue” Collar.

“In the past, we actually got away with an entire week playing only The Angels and the Hoodoo Gurus and no one said shit. In fact we got a ratings bump,” he said.

“We didn’t even play any of their back catalogue, just the 6 or 7 songs that most people know… back-to-back, for a whole week,”

“But this is a bit different. Only The Chisel and Pearl Jam might be a bit hard but we’re pretty confident nobody will notice this time, either.”

Local Triple M listener, Glen Garry (42, tiler) says that as long as he gets to hear Bow River on the dot every midday, they can play whatever else they want.

“I don’t mind a bit of the hipster stuff, like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,” says Glen.

“Flea is a legend,”

“Or even some chicks singing pop music, like P!NK of Kasey Chambers. Just as long as I get to hear Better Man, Working Class Man and Last Kiss three times a day.. It’s all good,”

Glen cleared his throat.

“Or Kheeeing Jerahmearh, therrraaaaah whickhead!”

“Woaaaaahhh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

More to come.


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