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Marcia Fuller is going on holidays and she wants all of her friends to know about it.

After a hectic end to the last financial overlooking marketing budgets and that jazz, the 25-year-old needed a holiday.

Taking off from the Harbour Republic this morning, Marcia blatantly ignored the Aeroplane Mode rule so she could send one last Snapchat Story update to 190 of her closest friends.

“You have to get a ‘wingshot’ leaving Sydney,” she said.

“You just have to. It’s one of the most beautiful albeit boring and sterile cities on Earth. Too much Jesus for my liking. But gorgeous none the less,”

“Anyway babes, just wanted to drop a line saying catch ya later!”

When asked by The Advocate as to why she felt the need to send such an image at that particular time, the pleasantly-introverted Gemini laughed and said it was to make her friends jealous.

Telling our reporter that it’s not every day you take off in a jumbo jet bound for a far away land – so you might as well make the most of it.

“I sit in a cubical at work and answer emails and eat a lunch I brought from home,” she said.

“That’s my life. Wake up, shower, toast, train, work, lunch, train, shower, dinner, sleep. Rinse and repeat,”

“Just let me have this. Let me have today for myself.”

More to come.



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