A seasoned North Queenslander living in Sydney is completely puzzled by her colleagues kneejerk response to a bit of plus thirty heat.

As was reported by the Bureau Of Metereology this morning, Olympic Park was at 35.5 degrees, Penrith 35 degrees and the inner city, Richmond and Terrey Hills at 34 before 9 am – all regions have steadied in the deep 30s for most of the day.

“Jeez. Go easy would ya” says Airlie Ingham, a 24-year-old media professional who can’t believe why her office feels the need to pretend they work in a cool room.

“Can we turn that off? Or at least crank her down a notch”

Coworkers are not impressed by Airlie’s nonchallant attitude towards the blazing heat, with her deskbuddy Bronte saying she’s completely out of line.

“At the moment we’re at 37.9 degrees, and temperature could hover around here for the next couple days” she says.

“Out west temperatures have already exceeded the 40 degree mark around Richmond – that’s set to go up a bit.”

“What the fuck is wrong with her”

Airlie says that due to the Deep North’s recurring issue with black outs, Air Con has been banned in every household and business except for The Ville Casino – and most of the population north of Rocky have learnt to live with ceiling fans.

“I don’t know how you lot can put up with that shit” she says.

“It’s not even that hot, fuck ya”




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