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Bartender and mixologist Andy Samson could feel some eyes burning holes in him this afternoon as he frantically tried to get through an overly burdensome cocktail order.

The part time employee at the Royal Coke Hotel in Betoota’s Data Entry District was meandering his way through the afternoon shift, pulling happy hour beer after happy hour beer.

That was until Georgia Anson walked up and asked for three Lychee Mojito’s.

“You are fucking having a laugh aren’t you,” was the internalised rhetorical question Samson asked himself at 5.47pm.

“Not fucking lychee mojito’s again. Why do these fucking people like mojito’s. Maybe if you were relaxing on a beach in Havana, but we are in a town in the Diamantina Shire for fucks sake,” he continued to rant behind a smile, while muddling up the mint leaves.

“Piece of fucking shit fucking mint leaves. Essential oils in them aye?” he thought while trying to avoid making eye contact with any of the growing number of patrons trying to get their fill before the happy hour specials ceased.

Samson told us that he made the decision to verbally acknowledge the customers a few minutes after, in an attempt to make Anson uncomfortable for the order.

“Sorry guys, I’ll try and be with you but these Mojitos might take a while so maybe head to the bar upstairs?” he said.

“She didn’t even look up when I said that. Just kept staring at her phone,” he scowled to The Advocate.


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