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APPLE CEO Tim Cook has today tweeted that he had received clarification from software statisticians of a world record in monitored physical activity being broken in the Sunshine Coast shopping district of Noosa Junction, Queensland.

According to the “Steps Counter” application, two Apple Watch users have travelled over 900 kilometres by foot in only two hours, that would have to have seen them each make over half a million footfalls  in that period of time.

A renowned feature of Apples new wristwatch device, the dedicated activity tracker can measure active calories burned, active minutes, the number of times you stand throughout the day, your daily step count and distance travelled – through a range of wrist movements.

Noosa locals, Bella Pustetta and her boyfriend of eight days, Jake Wembley, both 17, are believed to completed this marathon effort without even leaving their back-row seats during a cinema screening of Macbeth.

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Shortly after their location was announced, the couple was swamped by a media scrum as they exited the cinema. Initially confused, Ms Pustetta began to blush when she was informed that her each and every movement from the previous two hours had been tracked by the Apple Watch Activity Tracker.

A far more relaxed Mr Wembley appeared to be quite chuffed upon learning that the whole world was now aware of his efforts, but refused to say too much about his preparation.

“Doing it with Bella was easy,” said the popular year 11 student.

This comment resulted in an emotional display from Mrs Pustetta who pointed out that the only reason she had such a high rate of wrist activity was due to a lack of appendage on Webleys behalf.

Bella also said she will not be joining Jake for another cinema “marathon” after his comments, and that she usually ‘does this kind of stuff’ with older guys anyway.

When questioned about how they were able to complete such an gruelling exersize in a suburban cinema, Mr Wembley pointed out that very few people attended 10:30 am screenings of Macbeth, and therefore had the entire cinema to themselves.

Upon departing the cinema lobby, Mr Wembley was met with high-fives from his football mates, while Mrs Pustetta was rushed away in tears by a group of girlfriends waiting near the Frozen Coke Machine.








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