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False confidence is a trait that can often be found in cricketers.

It’s far more prevalent in park cricketers than footballers, soccer players and pretty much any athletes other than boxers.

The epitome of bravado and self-belief was displayed this weekend after local lower order Betootan batsman Pavel Vasiliev edge one through the slips.

Immediately after, he told his batting partner that he was “seeing them like beach balls today.”

Vasiliev’s partner Toby Mueller said he gave Vasiliev a nod of approval, despite knowing full well that the ball was supposed to go somewhere a solid 170 degrees in the other direction.

Vasiliev confirmed that he blocked out the chorus of loud “Awwwwww’s” from the opposition as the ball streaked to down to the boundary.

“I just walked down the pitch. Padded a little crack here and there and walked back to my crease. I guided that ball through the gap. 4 runs is 4 runs blokes.”

Mueller, however, claims it was pretty obvious to all those watching that Vasiliev wanted that ball to go back past bowler.

“Yeah a few balls later the ball rocketed into his pads and he was gone. He was not seeing them like like he claims he was,” said Mueller.

Vasiliev denies the allegations though and claims that it was a real shame that he got out because he was feeling extremely comfortable and probably would have gone on with the job.


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