A desperate Sydneysider has today been given some welcome news.

After months of separation from her mother who has a terminal illness, Angela Sheens says she’s been given a ray of hope.

“Apparently I can just order a RAAF jet to get me back home to Brisbane for the weekend because I want to see my family,” explained the young woman who has been unable to leave Sydney for the better part of three months now.

“I’m not even fussed about getting the VIP one,” she said.

“So I’ll try and order one today and hopefully I’ll make it up there in time.”

“I’m pretty thankful that the taxpayer’s going to pick up the bill too. I’d obviously pay it myself given the situation, but it’s nice that it’s going to be covered for me.”

The good news comes after the nation’s Prime Minister decided to give the middle finger to millions of locked down Australians by chartering a RAAF flight and pulling strings to go and visit his family in the middle of the Sydney Sneeze epicentre this weekend.

Unapologetic and unsympathetic to the general head-shaking at the fact that he can’t see why this is a bad look, Scotty has said anyone criticising him is playing ‘cheap shot politics.’

When asked about the case of Sydney local Angela Sheens, Scotty revealed that someone’s got their wires crossed somewhere.

“Are you serious? She’s just a nurse right?” Scotty said.

“She doesn’t get to play by the same rules as politicians, media figures and high net-worth individuals,” he laughed.

“C’mon, let’s not be naive now. I’m sure her situation is sad, but that’s just not the way these things work.”

“Grow up.”


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