24  January, 2016. 18:23

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The New South Wales health minister announced plans to expand the maternity ward at Sutherland Hospital today in Sydney today to cope with the expected influx of ‘Grand Final babies’ due in July.

Jillian Skinner told the media today in Cronulla that their local hospital will be renovated to accommodate each birth as each mother has expressed their desire to have their baby inside the Sutherland Shire limits.

“We understand that it’s important for people from the Sutherland Shire to be born there,” said Skinner. “While the small, existing maternity department at Sutherland Hospital has been more than adequate to support the local population, the expected number of new arrivals in early July has prompted the government to act.”

Colin McGerrens is expecting twins come July and he spoke to The Advocate candidly this afternoon about the importance of Shire-folk being born in the Shire.

Explaining that he’d rather deliver his own children under a paperbark tree at Glenn McGrath Oval than have them born outside The Shire, they 36-year-old refrigeration specialist said he was glad the expansions were going ahead.

“Yeah, but nah, mate. Grand final night was fucking huge down here. The missus and I got a bit carried away [laughs]. Split a case of passionfruit UDLs and a whole box of Monster Energy tins between us during the game. Then we the Sharkies got up, we got our hands on some real low-quality disco bickies from this bloke in a disabled toilet, had a few nangs then we went hammer and tong on each other under a Jeep Cherokee in the carpark – some real gland-to-gland combat went on that night. Rolling around in the broken glass and shit, it was pissa.”

“Yeah, but now I’ve got kids that need to be born in The Shire. Cheers Jillian, you’re a fucking legend.”

The extensions are due to be completed in mid-May.

More to come.




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