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A Betoota Heights father of four sat in the tiny, ColorBond encircled courtyard beside his display home this morning and told The Advocate that he’s been doing his research and US Presidental hopeful Joe Biden is going down.

Greg Taylor, of River Street, explained that despite the most recent poll predicting a large win for the Democrats, Quiet Americans will come out in force on Tuesday and lead Trump to a second term of office.

“Now that they’ve stopped broadcasting the ABC and SBS out into regional communities, it makes it easier to cut through the shit,” he said.

“So now at night time, I sit up and smoke cigarettes inside and eat Tim Tams. I do that while I watch Sky, which they broadcast with Nine slash WIN now. It’s refreshing to hear journalists report facts. Andrew Bolt says people are building coal power stations all over the world and they want our coal. Why doesn’t the ABC say that?”

“If it’s true, then the ABC should be reporting it.”

When asked by our reporter if he’d done any other research besides watching Sky News at night, Mr Taylor indicated that he had not.

“Why do I need to do that? Sky does all the research for me and distills it into easy-digestable packages for people like me. Honestly, it really boils my piss when media outlets like you just report lies,” he said.

“You come into my house and you just lie to me. I’m just like Anthony fucking Green except I’ve actually got a fucking idea what I’m talking about. Except I haven’t got a fucking university education like him, I just fucking live in the real world. You just wait, you little bedwetter. You just wait until Thursday morning where you’re crying into your All Bran because the bad orange man won again.”

More to come.


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