A tense standoff took place today at Betoota Ponds Independent Petrol station last night as stoned patron Jacob Lee (16) was very concerned he was being judged by Cameron Hall (17) the stoned attendant.

After playing a few solos on the Gatorade saxophone, Wright climbed out of his bedroom window and made his way to his local petrol station with a rare amount of money that meant he could buy a snack and a drink.

According to Wright, he was deciding between Grain Waves and Shapes when he first realised he was being watched by shop attendant Cameron Hall, who seemed to eye Wright intensely as if he knew the slightly younger man from several lifetimes ago.

“I was holding the Grain Waves and the Shapes and trying to remember if I had any iced coffee at home when I saw him staring at me,” stated Wright.

“It was like somehow…he knew.”

On the other side of the standoff, petrol station employee Cameron Hall claimed Wright was a troubling customer whose back and forth chip selection made him increasingly uneasy and unfortunately, began to sober him up a bit.

“That kid is fucking off it, he looked at his chips and then looked up at me, like he was going to eat me next,” stated Hall.

“I’m not a dramatic person but I literally thought I was about to be killed and die.”

The standoff is understood to have died down when Wright approached the counter and noted the song playing, Vato by Snoop Dogg, stating it was a tune, to which Hall wholeheartedly agreed.


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