Front-of-house engineer at The Furry Octopus in Betoota’s live music precinct has this week posted on his Facebook status that he really wants to hear punters feedback and suggestions during the show.

Quincy Spector, who studied sound engineering at the prestigious SAE in Byron Bay, says his craft is a life-long journey and can always learn more from those willing to offer their advice.

Although he tends to appear a little on edge most of the time, he insists that he’s actually very approachable. “No, really, come and ask me to turn up the vocals. I really appreciate it” he posted.

As the post went viral on the SAE Former Graduates and Teachers closed group, comments in agreement came thick and fast from a range of guys with ponytails, bloodshot eyes and accessories hanging from a chain on their cargo shorts.

Meanwhile Gina Arena, FOH engineer at neighbouring venue The Prickly Parakeet, has admitted that her experience is quite the opposite. “The only thing people ask me is where the sound guy is” she said. Also on the contrary is that people seem to tell her she’s “actually pretty good”.


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