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Sitting in the prime window seat French Quarter’s, Cafe de Noumea, Monica Hamilton-Taylor (27), is apparently waiting for her friend to arrive – or so she has told the droves of people desperately searching for a chair to add to their table.

Monica, who is in fact dining alone, suffers from a psychosexual disorder known as sadism, a disorder in which sexual urges are gratified by the infliction of pain or suffering on another person. While on the lower end of the sexual scale, Monica’s ‘thing’ is holding power over people in really benign situations – in this instance, denying the use of her unused chair.

The Advocate reached out to Monica’s mother to see if she noticed any abnormalities in her daughter as a child, as quite often there are warning signs that precursor incidents later in life.

“I should have taken more notice” Mrs. Hamilton-Taylor notes with remorse.

“She used to pit the labradors against each other with different sized portions of dog food”

While Monica’s ‘thing’ is seemingly harmless, Betoota psychologist, Dr. Peter Shrinkton, warns that her tendencies might develop into something far more severe.

“Quite often they look for the next hit, to err on the side of caution I’d say we put her on a course of anti-psychotics and even put her in the Kirkbride Centre to watch for a few days”

“While this may seem drastic, the safety of other Betootanese people is by far the top priority. “



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