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In what may be a blessing in disguise, a local man’s arrival at peak ‘piss fitness’ has coincided with the wrapping up of the festive season this week.

The 28-year-old engineer from Betoota Ponds named Ashley Walters confirmed to The Advocate today that he has officially reached the height of his powers in terms of his piss fitness.

‘Piss Fit’ as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is a term used to describe the built up tolerance to alcohol that one develops after a period of drinking, in a similar vein to physical fitness for example.

Walters explained to us today that after a ‘big 6 weeks or so’ he has become quite fit in terms of alcohol consumption.

“December into Christmas into New Years into a lazy first couple of weeks of 2K21 has effectively got me in pretty good shape,” said the young man today.

“I’m as fit as I’ve ever been.”

“I could comfortably knock over half a dozen this afternoon without troubling the system, and I’m normally a Jeff Horn kind of welterweight if I am brutally honest,” he said.

“It’s just getting into habits and routines over the Christmas break particularly that see’s you bring up the fitness levels quite a bit.”

However the young man said that he is thankful in a way that the festive season in coming to an end.

“What do they always say? Use it or lose it? Well I can’t realistically keep using it going forward, so it’s time to let the body recharge,” Walters said.


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