A local father of four has today offered up some hope for our flailing nation.

With over half the population in lockdown due to our federal government’s woefully inadequate jab rollout, Betoota Heights chippy Phil Kostas reckons the end is in sight.

“We are gonna be alright. She hates the heat mate,” said Kostas today.

“Haaaaaaaates the heat this virus does,” he continued with his long-running theory that the spicy cough doesn’t seem to spread during the warmer months around the world.

“Yeah, we are in the middle of winter down in Sydney and Melbourne, but things will work out when the warmer weather comes round.”

“It hates the heat like a winger hates work, or a teenage male hates showers,” he laughed.

The old boy told us that he can’t give exact sources, but it makes a fair bit of sense that the virus wouldn’t react well to the heat.

“How often do you get sick during summer aye? Exactly,” he continued, seemingly unperturbed by the virus running right through the summer months of Australia and the rest of the world.

“Obviously the useless government’s fucked this whole thing up with the jabs, but that’s what governments do. They fuck things up.”

“I don’t know why you guys think it would be any different this time around.”

“Just gotta wait for summer and then this whole thing will calm down.”

“We might have a third of the population jabbed up by then too,” he laughed.


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