Local car detailer, Steve Corrie (25) is a good enough bloke to own up and accept responsibility when he’s done something wrong.

His missus, Beck is a bit the same. Despite the fact that these two small town lover are heavily active users of social media, neither of them have been accused of being putrid two-faced dogs.

In fact, aside from the occasionally argy-bargy when Stevo drinks bourbon down at the club, they could almost be considered stand up members of the community – especially when you compare them to other Gen-Y no-hopers in town.

That was until both Steve and Beck disappeared from social media suddenly, only to return a new ‘shared’ Facebook account has brought into question.

“He’s definitely been rooting around” says Brenda, the mother of Beck’s best guy friend, Joey.

“She doesn’t trust him anymore. She’s gotta be able to see everything”

Brenda’s theory, while quite feasible, is a little different to what the younger girls around town are saying.

“Wouldn’t surprise me. I seen her at the pyjama night when he was on Jordo’s bucks on the Gold Coast the other night” said Ally, a friend of Stevo’s younger sister.

“Let’s just say… She wasn’t acting like she’d been in a relationship since high school”

Either or, both theories confirm two things. One, that someone has fucked someone else, and two, engagement has been pushed back for the foreseeable future.

Beck, however has done well to stem rumours before they get out of hand. Posting on Facebook tonight that she felt like ‘the luckest girl in the world coming home to a fully cooked dinner and csndles’.



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