22 May, 2017. 15:34

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Senator for Queensland Malcolm Roberts has lived up to the claim formerly made by his state’s number plates by proving that he’s from “The Smart State” today by registering a ‘gifted’ score on a Facebook IQ Test.

Clearly chuffed by having his intellect validated by a transglobal media conglomerate such as Facebook, Roberts labelled his performance as ‘not bad aye’ while posing for a happy snap celebrating the news.

However, he was quick to shoot down the suggestion that he only scored 85 – a mere ten points higher than Winston Groom’s Forrest Gump character.

The Senator went after a number of detractors in the comments section personally, taking time out of his busy afternoon to defend his intelligence against the leftists who continually try to take him down.

“Do you know who your [sic] talking to?” wrote Roberts to a commenter.

“I have an IQ of 125 and I’m a sitting senator of the Australian constitution. Hit me back when you make something of yourself. Cheers.”

However, the post was quickly deleted after his media advisor returned from lunch to discover what had happened while he was away.

The Advocate reached out to the office of Malcolm Roberts, but was given an indication that we won’t be getting one.

“The only way we’ll ever acknowledge you’re [sic] existence is with a ‘je suis Betoota’ hashtag when you finally get what’s coming to you.” said the email.

More to come.


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