19 May, 2016. 15:55

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DESPITE THE ONLY BOOK she’s read cover to cover was penned by Jamie Oliver, a 28-year-old fashion professional is busy telling everybody she can that’s she’s figured out how to torrent Game of Thrones.

Kaycee Rotella said she followed the step-by-step instructions she found on a ‘deep-web’ page and before too long, she was ‘hacking’ herself a copy of the most pirated television show in the country.

Initially feeling left out, the New Zealand native said she felt obligated to download and watch the hour-long-drama so she didn’t get left out of the Tuesday morning debriefs that her colleagues all seem to enjoy.

“It’s so freaky how you can just hack in and hard drive yourself an illegal copy,” she said.

“I heard a police siren outside and I thought about making a run for it, but then I realised they weren’t coming for me. It was nerve wracking!”

“But I don’t really get any of what’s going on. Brad, the fat guy with the neckbeard in my office who fixes the internet and shit, he says that the books are better but they’re like a thousand pages so fuck that,”

“But I’m such a nerd for illegally stealing Game of Thrones, I haven’t felt this alive since my brother put those strange Tame Impala songs on my iPod that leaked last year. Oh my God, my brother is such a nerd, too. No bangers on that album but.”

It’s people like Kaycee that the Australian Federal Police have in their crosshairs this year, as they look to clamp down on film and television pirates – who cost the industry billions of dollars each year.

However, not many people seem to give a fly finger fuck about that ominous warning – and will continue to run the gauntlet between law abiding citizen and ruthless internet criminal.

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