Despite being under investigation for a child abuse epidemic behind the closed doors of their educational institutions, the Australian Catholic school system is shocked and appalled that the new Gonski funding model isn’t favouring them over public schools.

The multi-billion dollar redistribution of taxpayer money from Catholic schools to public schools under the government’s “Gonski 2.0” funding model has been exposed in secret leaks given to the Senate crossbench ahead of a crucial vote this week.

It is believed that several politicians, who for some reason feel the need to defend the Catholic church despite the thousands of lives they have ruined, will be throwing their weight around to protect the school system that is currently at the centre of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse.

“It’s sacrilege!” screamed one pastor, who won’t say his name because he might end up being associated with the vast number of child molesters he aided and abetted over the last century.

“Tony won’t answer my calls! This is not how we deserve to be treated in a relatively Christian country”

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