Schapelle Corby has posted a video of herself and her family watching live media coverage of her return to Australia – showing her face for the first time since her arrival, after successfully evading media since her landing in Australia

The Instagram video shows the convicted drug smuggler standing in a mystery bedroom with a group of people including her sister Mercedes, teasing local media that were too stupid to find out where she was.

They can be seen watching news helicopter footage of a convoy of cars believed to be carrying Corby.

“The media doing what they do best” posted Schappelle, cheekily pointing out that, after thirteen years of being pinballed around a Balinese prison, she now is much better at passing through international airports without getting apprehended by media or police.

Analysts say that it might have something to do with the fact that Schappelle Corby didn’t have a boogie board bag full of marijuana in her possession.


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