13 April, 2016. 18:34

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CONVICTED DRUG MULE Schapelle Corby has reached out to alleged Australian kidnapper Tara Brown, who was charged by authorities overnight in Lebanon after the former journalist tried to snatch two children off the street with the help of her team.

On 8 October 2004, Corby, her brother and two friends flew from Brisbane to Bali transitting in Sydney. With them, a boogie-board bag full of dank ganja. Entering Indonesia with a few keys of sticky Mary-Jane is outlined by the government’s SmartTraveller website as being an exceptionally bad idea.

Today, the website updated its article on Lebanon – saying that trying to kidnap children who are lawful citizens of the nation is not a good idea also.

However, Corby was released from Kerobokan Prison on 10 February 2014. Speaking today from her leafy bungalow on the outskirts of Denpasar, the 38-year-old said she feels for the embattled Nine Network employee.

“Breaking the law overseas, in my experience, is a pretty bad idea,” said Corby.

“I thought vistin’ to a third world country like Indonesia, it’d be easy to get some cheeky choof through customs but fuck me, didn’t I ham the cunt up [laughs],”

“Just hope old Tazo Brown is hangin’ in there. It’s a hard cunt of a life bein’ in the pen, aye?”

The Advocate approached Nine CEO David Gyngell for comment but he told us to fuck off because he was busy.




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