22 August, 2016 10:45


With the rise of online streaming, and the rapid decline of anything worth watching on free-to-air television, this morning’s Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony has marked the last time any Australian families will sit down together to watch Channel 7 together.

This historical moment comes as the station’s staple soap opera ‘Home & Away’ finds audiences both online via Yahoo streaming and in the UK, giving Australian audiences all the more reason to not watch commercial television.

Local dad, Bruce Beaumont (48) says its a strange new world – but program directors have no one to blame but themselves after ten years of aggressively shit reality TV.

“Its a shame that the kids won’t really know the glory of a Thursday night line up, but that’s now a past time”.

“The Olympics were the first and last time my ten-year old son watched Channel 7,”

“He kept asking me what all the little shows were that popped up between swimming heats. He couldn’t understand why we had to watch 50 ads every hour”

Mr Beaumont says that it has been three years since the older kids sat down with mum and dad to watch Channel 7 – during the Packed To The Rafters finale in 2013.

“It’s been a long time since we sat down as a family to watch TV like this. I’ve even kept them home from school for the morning,”

“By the time the next Olympics come around, we’ll probably be in the middle of a new world war. Either way, this idea of television will be dead,”

“I think SBS OnDemand will provide ample coverage of Tokyo”

“Channel Seven have dropped the ball giving their online streaming rights to Yahoo… But I think the real kicker was a decade of competitive cooking shows,”

The Rio Olympics officially end tonight, with the closing ceremony in Maracanã Stadium. For the 11,000 athletes who participated in the Rio games, the closing ceremony marks the end of an intense two weeks of competition and the media attention that comes with it.




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