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The nation’s little airline that could has finally got their hands on a new Boeing 737 this week in the quest to take on Qantas and the airline formally known as Virgin.

But one REX pilot was forced to apologise to passengers this morning for repeatedly stalling the new aircraft as he’s not used to driving a Boeing.

“Sorry guys,” he said over the PA.

“The Saab I usually drive is an auto. These big planes have a heavy clutch. The gearbox has a splitter, too. So this 737 has like 28 gears, compared to my old Saab that just had a four-speed auto,”

“Anyway guys, we should be underway soon.”

Representatives from the airline have downplayed the stalling episodes, telling The Advocate today in a statement that stalling on the tarmac happens all the time.

“We are aware that there might be some teething issues in our transition to jet aircraft,” said REX.

“Some pilots might bunny-hop down the runway as they get used to the Boeing. It’s a serious bit of kit,”

“One day, we hope to have larger aircraft. Who knows, one day we might be landing an A380 into Mildura with a load of migrant workers? That’s the dream.”

More to come.


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