A regional chef’s credentials have today been questioned after it was revealed that he doesn’t deal drugs on the side.

The chef in question was approached by a customer looking to buy, when he said he didn’t have anything.

Appalled by these findings, the customer immediately reported the incident to the owner.

“I was a bit shocked, to say the least,” says Dave, owner of The Shifty Hen.

“It makes me wonder what else he’s hiding.”

Ash had reportedly been TAFE trained and had spent a number of years working for various gastro pubs.

But due to this revelation, his ability to smash out hundreds of parmi’s is casting some serious doubt.

“I just don’t know what sort of training they’re providing anymore,” says Dave.

“I’ve never come across anything quite like it.”

“We just had Taco Tuesday and he managed to pump out 200 tacos in under three hours”, says Dave.

“How the hell does someone do that?”

It’s also reported that Ash doesn’t drink much either.

“Yeah I once offered him a jug of Stone & Wood”, says one of the bartenders.

“And he said he was fine with water?”

“Not into vaping or Red Bull either. I mentioned DMT and Joe Rogan and he had no idea what I was talking about. Seems a bit suss to me.”

Ash has also never played a game of Buckhunter or splurged a single night’s wage on the TAB, located just a stone’s throw from the kitchen.

“Yeah nah, he’s obviously a weird bloke who can’t be trusted,” says Dave.

“What am I going to find out next? That he hands in lost phones instead of bootlegging them on eBay? No thanks.”

More to come.


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