24 May, 2017. 15:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

The news for embattled Coomera theme park, DreamWorld, hasn’t got any better with new figures released today indicating that more people are attending Super Rugby fixtures than are visiting the Queensland attraction.

Tourism Queensland [TQ] released their report into the tumbling attendance figures at DreamWorld and other Gold Coast theme parks this morning, which has tracked the decline since the tragic deaths of four people at DreamWorld last October.

“We thought the least-attended public event this year was the Queensland Reds fixture against some obscure South African team – but we were ultimately wrong,” said a TQ executive.

“As it turns out, DreamWorld is so unpopular at the moment that they’re making the Reds look like the Broncos. Total attendence figures for all Queensland Reds home games currently stands at 47, whereas only 32 people have gone to DreamWorld this year – and they’ve all been season ticket holders looking to get their money’s worth.”

“Either way, it’s not good.”

Other theme parks in the area have been forced to rejig their business models in order to remain solvent.

SeaWorld now let patrons ride around the vast dolphin enclosure on jet skis, even after they’ve consumed a whole box of passionfruit UDLs – which comes free with a family ticket.

MovieWorld customers can now smoke anywhere they want, including on the many thrill rides and in park restaurants.

More to come.


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