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A South Betoota local who reluctantly attended a family friend’s engagement party on the weekend, has spoken of her relief upon discovering that the host was the owner of a super-friendly spotty doggo named Bruce.

“He was a rescue dog” said Ruby McCabe, a booking agent for the wider Diamantina area, “but tonight he rescued me. I was dreading going to that party. All the formalities, the small-talk and the random dickheads. I can’t even describe the relief when I saw that fucking legend dog”.

Ruby, the only guest without a degree in law, medicine or fuckwittery, made a beeline for Bruce, who showed his excitement by flipping onto his back and inviting some serious tummy rubs.

The pair were inseparable from then on, with Bruce appearing to consciously create diversions when Ruby was cornered by other human guests, and with Ruby verbally destroying any drunk knob who’d try to feed, rile up or simulate sex with Bruce.

“I’ll be honest” admitted McCabe, “I was legit considering sneaking him outta there. Bruce was far too rad to be left there. Man I miss him. I wish he was here”.

Ruby has since made a habit of doing her best to predetermine any doggo action at future party’s. She is also the creator of the Facebook page the ‘Who’ll Let The Dog’s In?’, with the aim of there being dogs hanging out everywhere she goes.


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