A Gold Coast divorcee who lives in a beautiful beachfront home has dramatically announced her plans to take a break from her hectic and stress-filled life by completely changing tack and spending two weeks in a beautiful beachfront home in Bali.

Trish Worthington, a 45 year old Marketing Manager and 2nd runner up in the 2015 edition of the ‘Hot Divorcees Of Surfers Paradise’ competition, has spoken out about how she needs some time to get away from her ‘incredibly stressful’ life as a local socialite.

“It’s honestly been so difficult these last few months’, said Ms. Worthington. “There have been SO many social events I’ve had to go to. I mean, not only have there been parties, there have been also been heaps of galas, pageants, and even a jamboree one time. It’s too much!”

“It’s like they don’t even care about how many Aperol Spritzes I’ve had to drink!”

“That’s not even counting all the parties I have to throw myself, so I can stick to my monthly recurring ‘Year-Long Summer Of Wine’ dinner events that I’ve set up on our local Facebook group. It’s a big responsibility and I feel like no one even appreciates it any more”

Ms. Worthington claims that the pressures of being one of the most influential and admired socialites in this particular part of the Gold Coast has taken a huge toll on her mental and spiritual health – especially so recently after a divorce.

“It’s becoming a bit much, if I’m honest. I just need to get away from all, find a place that’s far removed from this hectic lifestyle of beaches and wine and occasionally looking after your children. Someplace like Bali, for example”

Ms. Worthington says that the island paradise of Bali is the perfect place for her to relax and regroup. “It’s such an amazing place, seriously. Beautiful beaches, incredible nightlife, has a few temples nearby so you know, it’ll be quite a spiritual experience as well. I feel like it’s just the perfect place for me right now” Ms. Worthington is hopeful that a couple of weeks in the holiday destination will be just what her and her son, Jhaevyn (pronounced Gavi


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