Iconic rural outfitters, R.M Williams have this week made a successful run at the growing market of urban street youth in Australia. A subculture colloquially known as ‘lads’.

Faced with the possibility of no longer remaining relevant in areas like Sydney’s Macquarie fields and Queensland’s Logan City, the historic leathermaker has teamed up with Nike TN’s to deliver a model that is ‘Winton up the top and Woodridge down the bottom”

“What we wanted was to create something that might appeal to kids who have never been out bush before. The type of kids that live in the same suburb their whole lives” said brand director Mull Marker.

“We’ve titled this new range “Western Sydney Court Date’ – we think it’s fitting that these shoes are associated with the first time these kids will ever wear a suit”

“But to ease them into it, we’ve included the gel soles made famous by the TN’s – just so they can take a little bit of the hood with them”

The new RMTNs have also found success through a bold marketing strategy that enlists the help of Western Sydney icons, Tai ‘Bam Bam Tuivasa and Tyson Pedro – who have this week been announced as the R.M Williams WSCD brand ambassadors.

Mr Marker says this was a no-brainer.

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to do the official shoot in the Flinders Ranges like originally planned. Those boys don’t leave The Area unless it’s for a fight or training camp.”

“Instead, we opted for Mt Druitt, two-double-seven-oh. This was more on brand anyway”

Iconic Sydney criminal lawyer, Charles Waterstreet – for which the ABC series Rake is based around -has today praised the new design. He believes this style of footwear will help his clients greatly.

“It’s just so heartbreaking to see a kid up on ram-raid charges wearing a Nautica cap and Cotton-On Polo”

“Let alone on the sports shoes. It’s usually a precursor to a bit of jail time”

“But with the new RMTN’s – at least they can arrive at Burwood court with a bit of polish”

“I usually bring them a spare tub of Dax Wax to neaten up the ratty and a pair of Bailey Nelsons to cover the eye tatts”

“…But these RMTNs will change the game”

To see more designs from the ‘Western Sydney Court Date edition, you can follow their designer on instagram:  @dvski



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