A local introvert has this week apologised to friends and is seeking treatment following an uncharacteristic outburst at a mates house party on the weekend.

James Watson was sitting quietly, as usual, on the balcony of his friend’s apartment before another guest discovered a CD copy of the 1998 self-titled debut album from The Living End.

As the opening riff of Prisoner Of Society blasted out through the hi-fi system, Watson was instantly triggered. He burned through the kitchen during the ascending bass line and hit the living room right in time to scream out the opening lyrics.

Watson proceeded to pump his arms and stamp his feet in a display of defiance usually reserved for a union march.

As others joined in and egged him on, host Troy Sterling, who lost his bond during the display, watched helplessly as Watson jumped on the couch, then on to the coffee table and began kicking everyone’s drinks over.

“It was so hectic” said Sterling. “Pretty funny, but hectic. He’s apologised and came round to help clean up and offered to pay for the hole in the wall and the broken window and the DVD player he put through it. Oh and the chair he tried to ride balance and play bass on”.

It’s understood that Watson, who’s refused to comment, will undergo intense hypnotherapy to try to curb his overt reactions to songs of the Living End, as well as Pennywise, NOFX and other bands associated with the Vans Warped Tour.


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