Local Redlands-based small business-owner, Roland Percival (59) hasn’t voted for Labor on any level since Kevin07.

“That was a dark time, but fuck me… The Iraq War was pretty had to get behind” he says.

“And Kevin was basically more right wing than Turnbull or ScoMo… So was able to make peace with that decision”

“Other than that, I’ve never voted for Labor. If tattoos existed in the 1980s, I would have gotten a portrait of Sir Joh on my heart”

Even when Alan Jones had himself syndicated to Queensland talkback stations to boot the disobedient LNP from state government one month before Newman’s landslide election loss – Roland held strong and kept voting for the party that best represents his interests as a bricks and mortar retailer of fishing equipment

However, with the 2020 State Election around the corner, Roland is faced with an identity crisis.

Does he vote for the highly dysfunctional LNP, and risk another couple leadership spills and a second wave of coronavirus? Or does he jump on the Palatrain?

“I’ve spent the last eight years fantasising about watching my Premier finish her political career on the back bench with Jackie Trad, as the powerless Member for Inala”

“But Christ on a bike. I don’t mind seeing her put Canberra through the ringer”

Like many Queenslanders, Roland puts his hatred for smug elitist Southerners before his political alignment.

In fact, he’d much sooner take Larrissa Waters out to cast a line on his Stabicraft than Scott Morrison.

That’s what’s tormenting him, because he’s finding Annastacia Palaszczuk’s obnoxious treatment of the Federal Government and the NSW Liberals quite cathartic.

“She’s not even listening to Albo. She’s making life hard for all of them. And I love it”

This comes as new polls show confidence in the Queensland Premier’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic is completely at odds with the Murdoch media’s coverage.

In their own surveys, The Australian newspaper has found that Newspoll shows the level of satisfaction with Ms Palaszczuk is at 63 per cent, well up from the 55 per cent they back in April.

This comes despite an editorial-led campaign against her by the highly vocal NewsCorp shills like Andrew Bolt and Paul Murray, and months of sensationalised news stories about people not being able to attend funerals, or falsified claims that children were dying because the Queensland government wasn’t letting anyone across the border to get to hospital.

However, with only Victoria to compare themselves to as the case study of what could happen if they didn’t take this virus seriously, Queenslanders appear to be more interested in consistency during this disaster.

“And by Jose, she’s been consistent” says Roland.

“She’s making life so hard for that Happy Clapper in Canberra. I hate that I love it”

“He’s telling her to open the borders immediately. It’s like no, fuck you mate. I don’t want coronavirus. Get fucked!”

This opens up the possibility for yet another Annslide when Queensland heads to the polls in October, with hundreds of thousands of dyed in the wool LNP voters like Roland questioning their own political ideologies.

“I’m so impressed with her that I might even vote Katter” says Roland.



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