“Keep your fucking hands to yourself Jai’ke you fucking pest” roars Mikaela Gleeson.

“I swear to fucking God if you touch one more thing I’ll cave ya fucking head in”

Like many local bogans, Ms Gleeson has absolutely no qualms with using extremely vulgar language at a very high volume in public spaces.

However, as inappropriate as her behaviour is, most witnesses to this spectacle would understand her frustration. As her children begin ‘fucking around’ and touching shit they shouldn’t touch with no regard of her previous instructions and what their dad will do about it when he hears about how fucking bratty they have been today.

Gleeson’s sons, Ja’ike and Bradli (10 and 7) have spent the last twenty minutes attempting to put Xbox games and chocolate bars into their mother’s shopping trolley.

“Go fuck yourself Mum” says Bradli.

Ms Gleeson responds.

“Wait until your father hears about that language you little cunt!”

“You’re going to get absolutely fucking lifted tonight”

At time of press Ja’ike and Bradli were crying desperately trying to appease their mother’s intention to rat on them to their father who’s too flat at out at work to have to come home and listen to this shit.


  1. I see the family all have names that are spelled differently from the norm. That must give them individuality and make them stand out from the others. It’s a shame they have to fucking swear all the time.


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