A group of six British lads on a “Lad’s Holiday” to Australia have reportedly won the respect and admiration of everybody in a local night club, after executing a perfectly choreographed and highly aggressive dance routine to House Of Pain’s hit song “Jump Around”.

The group, consisting of lifelong friends Gazza, Bazza, Jezza, Tazza, Wazza, and Stavros, have been showcasing their unique combination of dancing prowess and general disregard for other people’s personal space across Australia all month, and finally got the recognition they deserve at a night club last Saturday night after absolutely crushing a routine set to the famous House Of Pain tune

“It was some of the greatest dancing I have ever seen”, said the DJ, who put the song on in a desperate bid to bring people to the sticky CBD pub’s dance floor at 9pm last night.

“One minute, they were sitting there loudly drinking beer and visibly leering at female bar staff as they walked past. The next second, as SOON as the song came on, they all yelled “ TUNE!! and started jumping up and down in unison!”

“It honestly change my view of young male British backpackers forever. I used to think they were just a bunch of obnoxious cunts who cared very little for anyone else around them. But now I know they’re way more than that. I mean, they can jump and nod their heads at the same time!”

The bar staff, meanwhile, were reportedly honoured that their humble establishment had the privilege of witnessing the incredible sight.

“I had no idea that they were so talented!”, said Lisa, one of the bar staff working that night.

“I mean, if I had known they were such fun-loving and cheerfully destructive dancers, I FOR SURE wouldn’t have slapped one of them when they pinched my bum and called me ‘baby’”.

“Plus, I was literally just saying to my manager the other day how we have way too many glasses at the bar. But with all of their flailing around, that’s not an issue any more!”

The lads themselves, meanwhile, were humble in accepting the role they played in brining the night club to life.

“Honestly, it was nothing”, said Gazza, the self-appointed leader of the ‘Minge Mob’, as they affectionately refer to themselves. “We break stuff and make other people around us uncomfortable literally all the time”

“It was great to see all the locals come out and support us though. It was like them sharing their culture, of being friendly and welcoming to newcomers, and us sharing our culture, of knocking over a bar table and getting into a fight with an immigrant”

Gazza hopes that the ‘Minge Mob’ can keep up the pace they have set, and continue to impress and inspire millions of Australians across the land.

“Our sincere hope is that one day, EVERYONE can jump around. That’s a world we’d all like to see”.


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