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The neo-liberal cancer on our society that is the private health insurance industry announced today that they’re rebranding.

From July 1 next year, the private health industry will change it’s name to the Avoiding Medicare Levy Surcharge Sector, which brings it inline with what the industry has largely become.

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is a large fine that people on medium incomes need to pay if they don’t have private health insurance for the financial year.

It’s often in the thousands of dollars and comes just when a lot of young professionals think they’re finally getting ahead in life.

People who earn enough to not live like a student but not enough to throw $110 in the creek every month for health insurance are the ones most affected by the fine.

Most young people approaching 30 simply get private health insurance to avoid paying the levy surcharge fine, which defeats the purpose of it.

“It’s true that young people don’t use their health insurance as much as say the Baby Boomers for example,” said the outgoing private health insurance council chairman, Old White Person Who Looks Like A Breakfast Sausage In A Suit.

“But without the young people paying a lot for nothing, these ‘leeching boomer cunts’ as one of our younger customers described to us, would have to pay for their own health cover. Which defeats the purpose of having universal health care. Do you see the paradox?”

Our reporter indicated they didn’t.

“Oh, well. Health insurance and tax is a complex relationship. I don’t expect a journalist to understand – or even care.”

More to come.


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