Australia’s international and domestic airports are on high alert after several morons were caught planning to blow up a plane over the weekend – but security experts say they aren’t quite as invasive and strict as Brisbane pubs, yet.

Australia’s busiest airport, Kingsford Smith in Sydney was ‘overly chockers’ yesterday morning, with some reporting queues snaking 100 metres and a “nervous energy in the air”.

NSW police are gathering evidence at five homes around NSW, while four men arrested during raids on Saturday night are being held in custody, with authorities using holding them without charge

The Federal Government, airport management and airlines have been warning passengers to arrive much earlier than usual as security was beefed up at the country’s biggest airports, however Prime Minister Turnbull has said he doesn’t think things will have to escalate to the point of ID scanning every single person who walks onto the premises.

Aimed at curbing alcohol and drug-fuelled violence, new laws in Queensland require venues open past midnight in Queensland’s safe night precincts to scan IDs after 10:00pm.

“I don’t think we need to have a kneejerk reaction as hysterical as these new laws that the Queensland Government has placed all through the Valley” he said.

“If our airports were as hard to get into as the GPO or the Met, no one would be going anywhere”


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