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The Prime Minister has shrugged off the suggestion that he needs to put wayward MP Craig Kelly in his box, telling the media today in Melbourne that we need to focus on something else that’s happening right now.

“That was last week,” said Scott Morrison.

“I’ve moved on and I think all Australians have moved on. Tonight, we have some Australians playing in their opening round and we need to get behind them and cheer. We have, uh,”

The Prime Minister looked over at his Bloke Advisor, who began to mouth the name ‘Nick Kyrgios’ over and over again.

“Mick Cheerios, the great Queenslander,” said Morrison.

“How good’s Queensland?”

His Bloke Advisor looked toward the Media Advisor, who nodded back at him.

He looked over at Scott and shook his head.

“Ok guys, thanks a lot! I’m off to CSL now to check on this bloody fucking vaccine we have brewing on the billy for you all. Thanks. I love Victoria.”

More to come.


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