Scomo has today assured the nation that everything is going to be alright.

His comforting words come after AstraZeneca, the company we have bought over 80 million doses of the Oxford Vaccine from revealed they have paused trials after a ‘potentially unexplained illness.’

The company explained that it had voluntarily paused the Stage 3 trials to allow an independent review of a ‘single event.’

While the company says there isn’t too much to worry about, it can now be confirmed that the vaccine almost certainly won’t be coming through by the end of the year, or January – as the Prime Minister elatedly promised, directly in contradiction with what AstraZeneca was saying.

“Mate, these scientists, you gotta take em with a pinch of salt if ya know what I mean haha,” laughed Morrison this morning.

“We’ll just get em to send over the vaccine next month. It sounds like it’s pretty much done.”

“A couple of dodgy shots isn’t the end of the world”

“And let me tell ya this economy needs a shot in the arm! Pardon the pun.”

When asked about the safety of the vaccine, the Prime Minister said we shouldn’t be consumed by needless anxiety.

“Look at how much of a song and dance they’ve made about Climate Change, which may or may not exist,” Morrison said.

“You don’t need to listen to the scientists on this sort of stuff,” explained the man that’s gone all-in on this vaccine.

“The economy is what’s important, and this vaccine will get us up and about.”


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