11 August, 2016. 13:45

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DESPITE HIS FAVOURITE SONG being Slave to the Rhythm by Michael Jackson, Dennis Frogman is constantly asked if he knows Kevin Parker every time he ventures away from Perth.

Arriving in Brisbane this morning, the 29-year-old office equipment salesman was greeted by a hotel receptionist, who asked him if he knew the musician after she looked at his license.

“It gets me ever single time,” he said.

“When that receptionist asked me if I knew Kevin Parker, I said, ‘What do you think, bitch? Do you know Bernard Fanning? Fuck me dead,’ and she just looked at me like I’d just farted in a packed Tarago going through a tunnel,”

“Yeah, I get it. Because everybody in Perth knows each other, ha ha fucking ha. If these fucking fanboys actually knew anything, they’d know the cunt is from Fremantle, which is Perth’s Gold Coast. You just go there to either get on the ferry to Rottnest or listen to indie music, drink $10 pints of Export and do $60 pingas.”

Mr Frogman says while he’s in Brisbane, he plans to see the sights and climb the Story Bridge. Tomorrow he plans on enjoying his first meal at Sizzler. He told The Advocate that he plans to pull a bit of lung candy through a Paul Newman salad dressing bottle before he goes.

“I’m doing the full Brisbane experience. Going to Sizzler stoned, climbing the Story Bridge. Visiting the birthplace of renown artist Lister and cruising down Vulture Street listening to Vulture Street.” he said.


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