A 19-year-old electrician’s apprentice wearing a Unit flat brim has been given a Friday early mark today.

That’s judging by his excited violations of Queensland road rules.

Ryan Breeston was seen giving her some as he hit the Bruce Highway exit ramp, pulling out of near bumper-to-bumper traffic on his way home.

It is not known how Ryan was able to afford the Toyota/Lexus 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 upgrade for this late 2010s model of Hilux, but it does appear to be all worth it, after today’s smokeshow.

“Yeeeeeew” shouts Ryan, while banging his right hand on the driver side door of the lowlux.

Witnesses say that it was a heartwarming sight, as the young man fanged it home to crack open a few Red Bears and put on some WhatSoNot.

“It really was beautiful” said Tony, a local accountant who was sitting three cars behind when Ryan took off.

“This kid is living the Australian dream”

As the heavily-lowered vehicle, complete with inner circle tail light modifications and a Bloke’s Advice bumper sticker, burns off into the distance – the losers left behind in it’s smoke begin reminiscing of a much simpler time when 60% of each week’s pay check was spent doing up a work ute.


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