21 October 2016. 16:15


In a fantastic display of hospitality skills, Betoota man Matt Tomlinson won the highest accolade at the World Bartending Invitational held in Las Vegas last night, taking out the prestigious ‘Best Cocktail’ award, despite suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The concussion-riddled former bush rugby league great told The Advocate that he kept his condition to himself, and despite what some would consider to be a severe handicap in a competition requiring precise skill and expertise in drink mixing, the modest 67-year old said that he used it to his advantage.

“I’m stoked to win the award, the other guys had great pouring skills but my point of difference was how much preparation I was able to give the cocktails prior to serving them” he said.

“The other guys had to really put some effort into mixing their drinks up, whereas I just stood there and fucked spiders. The judges said they’d never seen anyone do it like”.

WBI Judge Rowan McDonald said that Matt’s form was the best of the entire competition.

“He really put his whole body into it, it was out of control.”

“It was like someone was putting 10,000 volts through him”.

Mr Tomlinson said the win was a great result for his community.

“Parkinson’s sufferers are usually just put in charge of rolling the dice in Monopoly, or given a coin and a pile of Scratchies – but I think I’ve proven that we can do other stuff too”.

Despite his win, Mr Tomlinson’s mates say he isn’t big on drinking himself.

“I dunno about cocktail making, but whenever we’re at the pub, he usually just sends one of us up with his card,” said Toby Abernethy, a friend of Mr Tomlinson.

“He’s pretty limited, the big fella. Although from what I’ve heard, he’s great in the sack,”


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