25  January, 2016. 18:23

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Despite knowing that he’s vastly more privileged than most other Australians, a Brisbane construction project manager has come under fire this morning for failing to apologise to the more marginalised members of society.

Marcus Walton-Myers’ father, Kevin, played a semi-professional level of rugby union and cricket for his beloved Brothers Rugby Union Club back in the day before he entered the dizzy heights of grain trading. Successful in business, Kevin married well and purchased a stunning heritage-listed Queenslander just a stone’s throw from Eagle Farm.

“And that’s basically where I came into it,” said Marcus. “Growing up in Ascot was pretty cruisy. Lots of family holidays up to Noosa and Port Dougie. School was pretty easy, as well. Sometimes I don’t even get asked to pay the cover charge at Fridays. Sometimes they let me in wearing shorts. The teachers used to let me piss around a bit because I was on a rugby scholarship like Dad was. I’ve had pretty charmed life, honestly.”

But now on the eve of Australia Day, the 24-year-old is being asked to acknowledge and apologise for being born into a level of wealth, stability and privilege that’s unattainable for most – even after a life of hard work and toil.

University-student-turned-social-activist Jazmyn Boon spoke to The Advocate earlier today to explain why people such as Marcus need to own up and apologise for having it so easy.

“I realise that Marcus never asked to be born, but the bottom line is that he was and he needs to acknowledge his birth-privilege,” said the 19-year-old.

“Just look at him. I bet he’s never done anything remotely difficult. I don’t know if my hatred for him is fuelled by jealousy or that I feel the need to project my insecurities onto other people. All I know is that I’m owed something and an apology would be a good start.”

The Advocate reached out to Marcus for comment on Ms Boon’s remarks, but he was out-of-range visiting his mother’s family cattle station near Roma in Central Queensland.

More to come.


  1. What is this shit??? You call this a news story? This is a mockery of life. Hell, I have so many disadvantages in life but it’s no one’s fault! Ms Boon needs a great kick in the arse and told to get her own life.


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