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After meandering through a book shop whilst waiting for his girlfriend, young Lucas Davis made an impulse purchase that he subconsciously knows was a waste of money.

The young finance student who goes through healthy phases like most of us do, bought an aesthetically pleasing cookbook called ‘74 Cheap Easy and Healthy Meals for Everyone’ today.“Yeah, that Vegetarian Lasagne looks great,” Davis told The

“Yeah, that Vegetarian Lasagne looks great,” Davis told The Advocate today.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to aspire to make something a bit different for the missus one night no?”

Housemates of Davis confirmed however that they won’t be holding their breath for any of the new recipes.

“Hmmmm, yeah I don’t think we’ll be seeing a variation from the Butter Chicken or Carbonara anytime soon to be honest.”

After being pressed on the issue as to whether he would actually make any of the recipes in the book, Davis admitted he may be an overly ambitious.

“It’s like signing up to the gym I guess, I’m probably not gonna actually use it, but at least I’ve got it there if I want it.”


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