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The nation might have a new Prime Minister in coming weeks because a talking vegetable that moonlights as the Defence Minister surely has the numbers after current Prime Minister Scott Morrison proves yet again that he’s woefully incompetent at crisis management.

The vegetable’s name is Peter Dutton and thanks to his efforts to unseat Malcolm Turnbull, Peter needs a two-thirds majority to become the next Prime Minister.

Judging by how Scott Morrison is being treated by people who should be on his side, things are starting to look fuck-ing grim for the part-time Prime Minister.

One party insider said Dutton only has one or two votes left before he rolls Morrison, which would cement the Bronte boy as being the bottom of the barrel, worst ever Prime Minister in Australian history.

However, there are a few caveats, says the insider.

Once elected, party rules dictate that the leader elected Prime Minister will serve out the term of government.

In very limited situations, a spill can be called against a leader.

“This is one of those limited situations,” the insider said.

“Just today, you’ve had Scott say that he’s secured heaps more Pfeiffer jabs for everyone, only for Pfeiffer to turn around and say that’s a load of shit. Scott Morrison went on television today and just told a bald-faced lie. How pathetic, how embarrassing for this government,”

“And that’s after he went AWOL for six days and left Josh Frydenberg to front the media. Not only is Scott Morrison just not up to the fucking job, he’s a fucking pussy to boot. Why hide like that? It just shows your true colours. He’s in over his head and he needs to go,”

“I can’t believe he’s fucked up so bad that Peter Dutton even gets a look in. It honestly fucks with my brain, it does.”

More to come.


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