With Christmas less than a month away, Edwina Stafford (27) has a lot to do before work wraps up for the year.

That is once she has carefully strained her email inbox for any important memos she might’ve missed over the back end of last week.

Sitting at her desk at 9am this morning, she very quickly realises she will not be doing much real work today, because every item of clothing she has bought over the last ten years now comes with a Black Friday email.

As the payroll manager at a prominent chain of retail bakeries, Edwina is facing a logistical web that will require every minute of her remaining work hours and quite a lot of her weekends too.

With several resignations and a couple mat leaves to process, the bosses are also expecting her to attend a whole range of different department Christmas parties in an effort to maintain a healthy workplace culture.

However, today looks to be a write off, judging by the one individual Byron-based retailer that decided to email her four times on Friday afternoon.

This i just one of the hundreds of different brands that have kept both her personal and work contact details in storage for the purpose of spamming her with Black Friday specials.

With a multi-account inbox staring at her with thousands of unread emails, her initially plan to simply ‘select all’ and delete has been foiled by the very rare work-related email titled ‘PLEASE RESOLVE ASAP – IMPORTANT!

“This is worse than when Optus went down” she says, as she finds herself overwhelmed by too much communication.

“I can’t napalm my inbox because I’d miss half of this week’s tasks”

“I’m gonna have to go through this one by one”

Edwina sighs and cracks her fingers.

“Better get into it”

This phenomena, known as GREY MONDAY, is happening in workplaces all around the country, where office workers like Edwina take a trip down memory lane and revisit her favourite brands of yesteryear – or the favourite brands of ex-boyfriends past.

The first subject heading in Edwina’s inbox reads: 40% OF ALL RIP CURL TANKS AND BEANIES


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